Our Mission  

At Graines de Chefs our mission is to foster in children and their families the fun and pleasure of cooking and eating together. We help people to rediscover the benefits of family cooking, with simple, healthy, nutritious food.

 Originally from France, Caroline moved to Vancouver in 2006. After her two boys were born, Caroline started to research how to keep them healthy naturally. She realized that nutrition was key for her children and also how much she had actually learned about healthy eating in her childhood.  In France, family-style cooking and school restaurants (called “cantines”) contributed to her understanding of how to cook and eat healthy. 

When she graduated as a Holistic Nutritionist in 2017, teaching kids appeared to Caroline as the natural way to go. If you want to see a change in adults’ health, you need to start with kids and teach them at a young age how to take care of themselves. And what is the basis of healthy nutrition? Cook at home, with fresh, whole produce.

Caroline decided to start Graines de Chefs to pass this knowledge and values to kids and their families.

Caroline Dailly
Holistic Nutritionist
& Director
The Team

Our Objectives  


• Teaching recipes and cooking techniques that are simple,

quick and healthy for families, so that they cook more at home. 

• Encouraging families to cook with fresh, local and seasonal

produce to truly nourish themselves. 
• Showing kids the relationship between the food they eat,

their health, their well-being and their environment. 


Jehanne El Mrabet 
Instructional coordinator

Vancouver, Richmond,

Burnaby & Surrey

Jehanne has been a French Teacher for ten years and a teacher trainer for five years. Thanks to her profession, she travelled from Paris to Ukraine and England prior to settling in Vancouver in 2015. In Vancouver, she started teaching children and immediately loved it. Much more than her first language, Jehanne now shares with kids her various passions. She likes cooking and gardening with them, or introducing them to artistic and cultural creations as well as teaching them silly jokes! 

Her experience in education and curriculum design allows Jehanne to create new programs and lessons for Graines de Chefs. Her goal is that students of all ages adopt a healthy lifestyle in a fun and engaging way.

In 2016, Janelle decided to leave her career in retail management to pursue a passion in nutrition. She enrolled at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition to become a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and graduated with First Class Honours in April 2018.

Janelle specializes in working with families and youth to inspire and implement healthy eating and lifestyle habits tailored to their unique selves and personal wellness goals. She is working towards hosting her own youth-focused educational workshops and programs that include outdoor activity and adventure, growing food, cooking, environmental stewardship, mindfulness, and self-care.

Janelle has always had an interest in working with kids, and has previously been a snowboard coach (instructor) and a youth event volunteer.

She now lives in Squamish with two French friends, a big veggie garden, and mountains on her doorstep."

Janelle Leclair
Holistic Nutritionist

Squamish, Pemberton,

Whistler, North Vancouver

& West Vancouver

Après 1 an de bénévolat chez Graines de Chefs, j'ai réjoint l'équipe pour animer les ateliers dans les services de garde francophones de Vancouver.

J'adore cuisiner et j'adore les enfants.

J'aime tout ce qui est créatif et évidemment la cuisine en fait partie surtout quand il s'agit de manger sainement.

Découvrir et faire découvrir aux enfants les recettes

de Caroline est à chaque fois un vrai plaisir !

Muriel Marc


Lily is a Holistic Nutritionist and mother who believes

that each and every one of us has what it takes to meaningfully impact our own health and well-being,

as well as those of our loved ones, with food choices.  She is excited about working with children to share healthy eating habits and respect for food at an early age.  She enjoys laughing, having fun and preparing nourishing and delicious food with young chefs!!

Lily Leung
Holistic Nutritionist

Vancouver & Lower Mainland

The volunteers
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