After-school cooking


Weekly Cooking Club 


Graines de Chefs offers after-school cooking clubs for groups of ten to fifteen students (about 45 minutes each).


With the help of volunteers, our team teaches basic nutritional information and cooking techniques that help kids become more comfortable and confident in the kitchen.


Each week our holistic nutritionists select a healthy recipe for students to prepare together during class. Recipes are specifically chosen to be simple enough to make again at home.


Pro D Days 


We can organize healthy cooking workshops on ProD days which can be tailored to specific requests, such as cooking contests or “make your own lunch” class. 


Spring and Summer Camp


Graines de Chefs organizes healthy cooking day (and/or week) camps for one day to one week for your after-school care program. Every day, the kids will make one or several healthy recipes, depending on the time allocated to the cooking camp and the number of participants.

We can organize these camps so that the kids will prepare their own lunch or snack.


Examples of recipe made during cooking camps:

 Vegetarian sushi

Vegetarian chili

Vegetarian pizza

Apple and cheddar quesadilla

Seasonal quinoa salad

Spicy couscous salad

Our workshops' objectives

Foster in children the fun, pleasure and accomplishment of cooking for themselves and others.

Kids will learn how to nourish themselves properly and gain an understanding on why healthy eating is fundamental to their well being.

Learn food seasonality, when and where vegetables and fruits are grown and the importance of eating with the seasons and local as much as possible.

Learn cooking techniques and safety in the kitchen. Develop children’s autonomy and creativity in the kitchen.


These workshops are tailored to the needs of the after-school care programs and costs are determined on a case by case basis. Please contact us for more information.