Graines de Chefs offers a five-lesson program for elementary schools classes.



Our program is comprised of fives lessons of 90 minutes each. The lessons are divided in two parts:

  1. Students learn some basic nutrition principles and participate in hands-on activities.

  2. Students prepare a healthy recipe together, in class.


Our programs are designed to teach students to make healthy food choices.


All lessons can be organized in the classroom, with access to a sink to wash the dishes. As well, it is best to also have access to an oven for the last lesson, as we usually bake a healthy treat together, but alternative recipes can be used if necessary.


Our programs are aligned on the BC curriculum. 

Program for Kindergarten / Grade 1 

Program for Grade 2 and 3

Program for Grade 4 and 5

Program for Grade 6 and 7 


The basic cost of our workshops is $11 + GST per child, per lesson, ingredients included. Please contact us for a quote specific to your class.



Graines de Chefs offers 60 to 120 minutes workshops that allow students to think about their eating habits. The information we provide and the activities they engage in lead them to make better decisions about their food and lifestyles.  

Topics of workshops offered to Grade 8 to 12.

How to reduce our sugar consumption?

Compare sugar content of various beverages.


What are we actually eating?

Learn to read food labels and interpret food industry marketing, especially towards the young public.


Food waste

How much food do we actually waste and how can we change that.


All workshops can be followed by a cooking session in the classroom.


These workshops can be offered during Core French classes or during other language classes. In that case, typical recipes will be made (for instance, gazpacho and tapas for Spanish classes, veggie sushi for Japanese classes, etc.). We currently offer classes in English, French, Spanish and Japanese. If you want another language, please contact us.


       Thanks to the Graines de Chefs program, my students got to practice their French while having a real hands-on experience. It was great to be able to pair the students' learning with their interests while building their competencies in Career Education, ADST, Physical and Health Education, and, of course, French! Do not miss out on this amazing program!

Carla Mountali, Grade 6 Teacher, Intensive French at General Brock Elementary, Vancouver 



We use fresh, whole, unprocessed ingredients and mostly organic, local and seasonal produce in our recipes.

Some examples of recipes prepared by students in Graines de Chefs’ workshops: 

Vegetarian Sushi

Energy Bites (wholesome snacks)

Seasonal Fruit Salad or Fruit Kebab

Citrus and Quinoa Winter Salad

Lemon Poppy Seeds Muffins

Healthy Granola Bars

Kid Friendly Kale Salad

Food allergies and intolerances
All our recipes are vegetarian, peanut and tree nut free. 

Prior to the first lesson, we ask parents to fill out and sign a registration form to authorize their child to participate in the program and to provide information about food allergies and restrictions. This allows us to tailor recipes to each class, based on the students’ “food profile”.
This is our way of ensuring that all students can safely participate in our programs. 

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